Welcome to Environments of Change! We are a transdisciplinary research network of scholars and industry partners who seek to use emerging digital technologies to provide research and tools to a wide audience (scholars, members of the general public, policy makers) on the historical relationship between humans, nature, and culture. Our network provides hundreds of training opportunities for students and emerging scholars to produce the next generation of digitally-inclined environmental thinkers.


Our interdisciplinary team works together on different projects. These include GIS and digital mapping, manuscript digitization and 3D reconstruction.

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We have a diverse collaboration of multidisciplinary research labs. These labs employ students

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We run a medieval lecture series through St. Jerome’s University at the University of Waterloo. We also run the C.A.M.E.L.O.T. Conference annually in September.

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What are Environments of Change?

Environments of Change is a transdisciplinary collaboration supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) to explore, from multiple perspectives, the environmental history of late medieval Sussex using emerging digital tools. It aims to understand better the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature in the past and, in so doing, to apply these frameworks to present situations and contexts. It develops digital tools and resources that allow individuals to understand the complex and dynamic relationship between societies and the natural world. These tools will have application in educational, academic, policy, and tourist settings. 

To reconstruct the dynamic relationship between humans and nature, we work in partnership with 13 educational and private industry partners and more than 30 experts from diverse fields, including history, digital humanities, archaeology, ecology, dendroclimatology, geography, geology, tourism studies, fine arts, video game design, computer-assisted modelling, and computer graphics, amongst others. This partnership supports more than 400 learning and training opportunities for students at all levels.