Provides high-quality research training opportunities for students at every level. It operates on a collaborative, learner-centred, research model to generate new knowledge and to produce new digital tools for the study of historical nature.

A collaborative centre for digital and open scholarly practices. A multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars who engage on- and off-campus partners through research, skills training, and community-oriented initiatives

The EQUIS Lab performs research in the design and development of next-generation digital games. Our current focus is on exergames – games that combine entertainment with physical activity

The Games Institute is a multidisciplinary research centre at the University of Waterloo focused on the study of games, gamification, interactive technologies and immersive environments (AR/VR)

The new state-of-the-art lab for Biology, Chemistry and Physics lab sessions, and for self-directed and inquiry-based learning methods

The TRANT Ecological Legacy Lab studies how people shape past and present landscapes. We answer these questions using historical ecology, dendroecology, and experiments.